Bisexual Dating?! Forget about Tinder, Snap Chat!
Posted by | Jun. 22, 2017

Bisexual Dating?! Forget about TinderBeing single is not easy, especial when you are bisexual. Bisexual dating is not easy. You carry the weight of the entire world's attractive people on your shoulders, and many other things. It’s true, every dip into the dating pool turns into a full-blown existential crisis when you are known as a bisexual person. The situation won’t change a lot even if you are using Tinder or Snap Chat. Why?

It’s common for bisexual people to hear “you’re not real”. You may need to explain you are bi guys or bi girls. There are just so many people there who don’t know much about bisexual. After having to explain your bisexuality over and over again, you basically have a script memorized. And even then, there are still some people who just don't get it.

Ok, then. What happens next? Everyone says you have double chances when it comes to dating, but what about the fact? And this is not about all, with others, also like... what??? OK. Forget about it! It’s a tough thing to explain about all the bisexual things to someone who won’t believe it over and over again.

You realized it's best to divide and conquer to make it clear that you are bisexual on your profile. Dating someone who knows and understands bisexual would make it easier, you think, but you end up with three different online dating profiles. There are unsolicited messages from couples who are looking for threesomes every day. Yes, it’s true.

Unless you want to be that person. Go be that person for them! You'll never understand why these couples see you as a willing volunteer for threesomes. Being bisexual means you love threesomes. Bang! You can find many couples looking for threesome sex then. Sigh! Bisexual dating is tough on Tinder!

Some people will assume you will end up with gay or lesbian finally. On the other side, if you are not saying you are bisexual on your profile, finally you settle into a healthy and happy relationship. Then coming out to the person you're currently dating feels like jumping off a cliff into a deep, dark abyss. Deciding when and how to come out to your partner will never be an easy call. Deciding when and how to come out to the person you're dating will never be an easy call.

Why not make things easy and effective? Why don’t choose bisexual dating sites and apps, but Tinder? Tinder is not perfect for everyone, especially for bisexual people. Find one site or app for bisexuals only and, you will find bisexual dating is easy here than Tinder at many levels!

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